Presenting the One-Hour Rembrandt Whitening

Although one-hour whitening is an accepted technique with good results, we endorse "Deep Bleaching(TM)- extreme whitening" as the premier method for achieving a dazzling white smile.

Before Discoloration taints an otherwise attractive smile.

After A whiter, healthier smile after a Rembrandt On-Hour whitening treatment.

Rembrandt One-Hour Smile Whitening is now available. Rembrandt and over three thousand dentists nationwide are equipped to provide the latest technology to get your teeth 9+ shades whiter in one hour or less. Permanently* --- that means no whitening loss. Proven by independent clinical research.

  • Safe one-hour, in-office bleaching.

  • Safe and effective take-home bleaching for enhanced in-office results, or as a cost effective alternative to in-office bleaching.

  • Rembrandt Lightening Gel has been clinically proven to whiten teeth an average of 10 shades in one hour.

What causes tooth discoloration? Discoloration may be the result of genetics, medication, poor oral hygiene, aging, smoking, certain foods and beverage or a combination of these factors. Are you a good candidate for tooth whitening? People with most types of discoloration can achieve lighter teeth through the Rembrandt One-hour Whitening Program. The type of stain you have will affect how much whitening you will experience. What is Rembrandt Lightening Gel? Rembrandt lightening Gel is a sensitivity-free, 35% hydrogen peroxide formula. Is this whitening procedure safe? Absolutely! When used under the supervision of your dental professional, the procedure is safe and will not harm teeth or gums. What is involved in the procedure? The dental professional will use either the Rembrandt Virtuoso or Rembrandt Sapphire Light, in conjunction with the lightening Gel. Will I have to wear a mouth tray? No. this is a one visit procedure. How do I keep my smile white and bright? Daily brushing with Rembrandt Plus Toothpaste.

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