Cosmetic Dentistry - A Celebrity Smile

Cosmetic dentistry offers you a number of restorative options:

  • replace dark fillings with tooth-colored fillings

  • eliminate gaps between teeth

  • straighten crooked or uneven teeth

  • eliminate dark lines at the gum

  • whiten or mask discolored teeth

  • rebuild worn or broken teeth

  • stabilize loose teeth

  • repair chipped or cracked teeth

  • replace missing teeth with lifelike restorations

Ask us how we can make an attractive, natural-looking smile a reality for you.

Advances in cosmetic dentistry have made it possible to achieve a lifelike beauty not thought possible in the past. Today, dental restorations are works of art, finely crafted to look and feel like real teeth.

When dental restorations contain metal, they often have a flat, dull appearance and a dark line at the gum. Cosmetic dentistry has replaced metal with tooth-colored materials that are highly translucent. By permitting light to pass through, restorations take on the depth and vitality of natural teeth.

Cosmetic dentistry can enhance your smile by altering the color, shape and position of your teeth. Stained, cracked or broken teeth can be restored to their original beauty. Crooked teeth can be straightened. Dark fillings, even missing teeth, can be replaced with restorations so lifelike, they are indistingquishable from your natural teeth.

Replace Old Restorations with black metal lines

Create Congenitally Missing Teeth

Repair Teeth that Are Worn

Replace Traumatized Teeth

Replace Old Dull Metal-Based Restorations

Repair Badly Stained Teeth

Close the Space Between Teeth

Replace Deteriorating Restorations

Whether you prefer a smile that is whiter-than-white or restorations that match your own teeth, cosmetic dentistry can provide you with the smile you desire.

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