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Can you believe it-? 25 years and counting.

On 2/5/1996 after digging out of the Blizzard of 96, I proudly opened the doors to my dental practice. I raised my children and had thousands of happy moments that the office/s provide. A constant over these years, besides my wife, is that I give my best each day and each procedure as if I was working on my best friend. I thanks the thousands of patients, staff and business associates that have made my dream a reality. I look forward to keeping people smiling for years to come. My day one motto has and will always be—--We Care About YOU, Not Just Your Teeth!

Actual Cases by Dr. Michael D. Matthias

Esthetic Tooth Lengthening

And Upper Crowns Case

This patient had bonding placed on her front teeth over 20 years ago.

They were completely stained and discolored. The size of the teeth ​​contributed to the unaesthetic appearance.

View more actual cases that Dr. Mathias has handled.

Before and after images of Bonding

Before and after images of Bonding and Reshaping

Before and after images of Crown

Before and after images of Crown and White Filling

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