Rubber Dam Dental Procedure

Rubber Dam Dental Procedure

Rubber Dam - What Is It and Why Do We Use It?

Needs for isolation of the oral working area are rather obvious. A tooth bathed in saliva, a tongue that insists on obstructing vision, and a bleeding gingiva are but a few of the obstacles that must be overcome before delicate and accurate workmanship is possible. A "Rubber Dam" is the best method to control these obstacles. It is a customized rubber sheet that fits over your teeth held by a clamp and frame and we use it for most inlay/onlay, sealants, filling and root canal procedures.

A dry, isolated work field means:

  1. Bacteria from the saliva will not get inside the teeth. We wil have an easier time cleaning out the bacteria and decay from inside the tooth.

  2. The restoration can be placed in a dry environment. We use state of the art dental adhesives with our dental restorations and stronger bonds will occur when moisture is controlled.

  3. You are protected from debris or tiny instruments being swallowed.

  4. Your tongue and other structures are protected from possible damage. Most patients like rubber dams and say they can feel more relaxed because they don't have to concentrate on staying open or positioning their tongue.

If you have never had a rubber dam, it may feel a little awkward at first. Only in rare circumstances so we find that someone is unable to wear a rubber dam. Remember, we take the extra time and effort to use the rubber dam because of our attention to detail to give you the best quality and service possible!

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